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1. How does Q2 work?

At Q2 you can buy without a minimum, we do not work with packages so you can buy the units you want with the sizes and colors you want and the choice of the merchandise is free. Every Monday we have new products.


2. What countries does Q2 sell?

We sell all over the world.


3. How can I see the prices and the clothes?

To see prices and buy it is necessary to register on our website. Then we have to verify that you have a store, since wholesale is only for clothing stores. You can send us photos of your store and the Business License or Tax Number. When you send it to us we will activate the account and you will be able to access to see the prices and buy without problems. Photos can be sent by whatsapp at: +1 323 348 6576 or email: activation@q2wholesaleusa.com


4. Do I need to create an account to buy in Q2?

Yes, you need to register so we can validate that you own a store.


5. My store is not open yet, what do I have to send?

In cases where the store is not yet open, we will need you to send us your business License.


6. How long does it take to activate my account?

Usually within 24 business hours.


7. How can I log in to my account?

At the top of the browser where you put access / register. Use your email and password you used to register to enter.


8. I can not access my account.

If the error message indicates that your account is not active, please make sure that you have sent us your activity license and photos from your store, as soon as we have activated your account. If your email address or password is not recognized, make sure that you are using the same email address and password that you used when you registered. If you do not remember your password, enter your email address in the "I forgot my password" box on the login page, and we will email you the new password. You can change your password, main email address or any data at any time by simply accessing my account.


9. Do you give exclusivity?

Yes, but to be able to have exclusivity before we must work together for a few months. To see if the product works in your store and you are happy with our brand, then contact us and we will evaluate your request.


10. Can I use the photos of the products?

Yes, but only of the products you have purchased.


11. How is clothing labeled?

All garments come with our Q2 tags


12. Can I put my own label?

No, all clothing must keep our mark.


13. Do you work with online stores?

Yes, we do.


14. Do you offer dropshipping?

Yes, we do.


15. Do I need to buy a minimum number of units?

No. There is no minimum order quantity.


16. Do you offer discounts for buying large quantities?

No, all our customers have the same prices.


17. At what price should I sell the clothes?

You can sell the clothes at the price you want. However, we indicate the recommended price to be sold in the information of each product.


18. Does the indicated price go with VAT included?

No. International transactions are free of taxes.


19. Where are the clothes sent from?

The clothes are in our warehouses in Valencia, Spain.


20. How long will it take to send my order?

Orders are managed in the day, if you place the order before 18:30 your order will be delivered the same day.


21. Do you acept returns?

If we accept returns by product tare.


22. Is it safe to order online?

We have the most advanced technology in web security. We use one of the most secure online ordering systems on the market and we are constantly researching and improving our software to make sure we offer the most qualified security standards at all times.


23. What types of payment do you accept?

You can choose the type of payment at the end of your order. The options are:
Transfer: you will receive an email with the data to make the transfer. Your order will be prepared when we receive the transfer
Credit Card: You will be transferred to the payment gateway of the bank and from there you will make the payment with card.
The order will be shipped the same day.
Dataphone: we call you and we charge you with a date like the one you have in your store. The order will be shipped the same day.


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